Curricolar internship

In Italy as outside it. In firms, studios, agencies, companies, associations, laboratories come all’estero presso studi, agenzie, aziende, associazioni, laboratori es, research centers, universities (Polimi included, but only in the case of curricular compulsory internships). Also during exchange periods (Erasmus, extraEU exchanges).

The student sends an email to the internship office ( with the following information:

  • Student data (name and surname, ID number and degree course)
  • Company data (name, VAT number)
  • Company contact data (first and last name, e-mail address)
  • Description of the activity proposed
  • Educational assignments

Asking via email to, indicating company name and VAT number.


Yes, Politecnico di Milano provides you with an insurance covering you in terms of accidents and civil liability, in days, premises and hours declared within the document itself; for this reason it is necessary that the internship is activated by delivering to the Internship Office the contract signed by the parties before the beginning of the internship.


The Company will be informed by the Career Service upon request of the agreement of the need to pay € 32.00 as a reimbursement of stamp duty (unless it is a foreign body, public body or ONLUS)


Curricular compulsory internships last 250 hours (300 for PSSD students who want to validate also the workshop).
If you want to extend the duration of the internship beyond 250 hours, you must activate a new "non compulsory" internship. The maximum duration, between compulsory and non compulsory internship is 12 months.


Yes, only for serious and documentable reasons and only after notice to the Internship Office. In the case of compulsory internship, if no minimum hour amount has been reached, the hours spent are not recoverable and a new internship of at least 250 hours is required.


No. The internship must be done in a working environment. You must have your own workstation, with Company computer and a supervisor available for help.


Contact and inform the Internship Office via email on any changes to the Internship Document.


No. In the absence of an Agreement and an Internship Document, there is no legal internship or insurance coverage.


The 3rd year workshop can be replaced by non curricular training activities such as internships with the support of the Internship Office. The application for replacement must be submitted before the start of the activity and before the start of the semester in which the course for which validation is requested is placed. The documentation to be submitted must be requested via email to the Internship Office.

Write to the Internship Office for the proper verifications.


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