Study plan and OFA

The Study Plan is a list of educational activities (monodisciplinary and integrated courses, laboratories, internship activities and final examination) that students intend to undertake during each academic year.  

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  • The study plan must be submitted through online services, by selecting the item "Study Plan - Presentation" within the "Career" section. The submission of the study plan must be completed during the period indicated by the calendar in the "Lesson timetable, calendars and deadlines" section of the School of Design website.  

  • Each year students have the possibility to choose to include a minimum number of 30 ECTS and a maximum number of 80 ECTS in the SP (note: for the School of Design the semester modifications of the SP is not allowed).  

  • The School of Design has defined a number of examination priorities for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, that prevent students from inserting courses subsequent to the preliminary ones.    

  • PLEASE NOTE: Students enrolling in the first year of all degree courses, must proceed to enrol in the one in which they have been successful after passing the entrance test and subsequently submit their study plan within the deadlines established by the academic calendar.    

Gli studenti di anni successivi al 1° che non presenteranno il PdS entro le scadenze, dovranno generare un’istanza di piano tramite i Servizi Online alla voce “Piano di studi – Presentazione”, la quale verrà valutata dalla Scuola. 
La mancata presentazione del PdS e la richiesta di modifica del PdS in tempi successivi alla presentazione, comporta una maggiorazione di 100,00 euro, che verrà addebitata sull'importo della seconda rata delle tasse, ad eccezione degli studenti con OFA da assolvere.  

Newly enrolled Bachelor's and Master's degree students, who fail to complete their study plan by the deadline, will be assigned an automatic plan where only the offer for the first year will be included.    

Students in years subsequent to the 1st, who do not submit a study plan by the deadline, will have to generate a plan request through their online services under "Study Plan - Presentation", which will be evaluated by the School.  

Failure to submit the SP and the request for modification of the SP after the deadline will result in a surcharge of € 100.00, which will be charged to the amount of the second instalment of fees, except for students with OFAs to be fulfilled.

When submitting their study plan, students have the possibility to self-certify that they have passed an exam, in order to avoid to reinsert a course from the previous year in the study plan. Self-certification will only be allowed if the exam is pending.   

If the self-certification is not true, the course will be automatically reinstated in the new SP.    

Students enrolled in Bachelor's and Master's Degree courses may add to their SP additional credits from other courses offered by the School or by the University, with the exception of Laboratories and elective courses.    

The maximum number of additional credits that can be included is 30 ECTS for Bachelor’s Degrees; there is no maximum limit for Master’s Degrees. Requests are subject to evaluation by the Course Council. Students enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree course may add attidional and in advance Master’s Degrees courses to their study plan only if they meet the N. and V. Parameters.

The Additional Educational Obligations (OFA) are assigned to the student at the time of enrolment, in the event that gaps in basic training are detected. The only OFA forseen for the School of Design is that of English language.    

The assignment of OFA involves restrictions on the compilation of the study plan. These restrictions remain in place until the student recovers the OFA. If the OFA is not made up by the deadline in the calendar, the study plan will be made up of 2nd semester courses only and entered automatically. 

The section in which the student must attend (allocation) is assigned at the time of enrolment in the Bachelor’s Degree course (three-year course). The section, for students enrolled in the Master’s Degree course, is assigned during the selection process. The section cannot be changed until the end of the course.    

Otherwise, allocation to the Laboratories and elective courses is based on a merit list drawn up on the basis of the weighted average number of ECTS passed and the average number of exams by the 31st July. For new entrants to the Master’s Degrees, the average of the last year of the Bachelor’s Degree, which is declared at the time of the application, is used.   

Laboratories attendance is compulsory for the School of Design's Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree courses: in order to achieve attendance it is necessary to obtain 80% of the course attendance.    

For mono-disciplinary and integrated courses, students must check the programme of each course to ascertain whether there are any exam methods for non-attenders.  

For Laboratories and Workshops, exam dates are scheduled during the first exam session following the end of the activity. “Postponed" or "re-sit" evaluations imply the need to retake the course in the following academic year.  

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