The POLIMI Ambassador project in Green Technologies, Smart Infrastructures, Inclusivity Design and Creative Thinking

Within the context of the interuniversity framework project "Tecnologie delle Transizioni", Politecnico di Milano wants to activate high-level training courses aimed at creating new professional figures in Green Technologies,Smart Infrastructures, Inclusivity Designand Creative Thinking that: 

  • have skills in specific areas consistently with the training project (green/smart/creative); 

  • acquire enabling digital technologies in line with the profile; 

  • master interdisciplinary tools, methods, and aptitude for a systemic vision; 

  • develop talent to operate in interdisciplinary and multisectoral contexts, through exposure, even in teams, to case studies and challenges. 

The project is therefore a "meta-path" of the Master's Degree, that integrates the programmes already offered and assigns additional credits, which certify the acquisition of transversal skills in certain thematic areas, specifically in the field of "Green Technologies" and "Smart Infrastructures".  

POLIMI AMBASSADOR in: Green Technologies, Smart Infrastructures, Inclusivity Design and Creative Thinking


Ambassador courses for the Master's degree courses available for the A.Y. 2023/2024 

  • Integrated Product Design will activate the Green, Smart, Creative courses; 

  • Communication Design will activate the Smart Infrastructures course; 

  • Product Service System Design will activate the Smart Infrastructures course; 

  • Digital and Interaction Design will activate the Green Technologies course;  

Students must acquire at least 130 ECTS to complete the Master Degree course chosen, and at least 30 ECTS of these must belong to educational activities functional to the "Green" or "Smart" profile, whether these are vertical courses (specific to the chosen Master programme) or transversal courses (common to all Master programmes). At least one transversal course must be included in the actual 120 ECTS.  

For further details, see the Offer in tables A and B of the Regulations and summarized below.

The registration to the Ambassador Project is not compatible with the Double Degree Program (at Politecnico  or abroad)

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