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For all enrolled students, it is possible to have at least one exchange experience during the Bachelor's Degree and/or the Master's Degree.

Having an exchange experience does not mean delaying the time for graduation. During the exchange, students will attend courses full-time and advance in their studies as expected, validating the exams taken at the partner school.

You will be able to apply in one of the two calls open every year in November and March: How to apply - The call: polimi

For more details on how to have an International Mobility experience: International Mobility - General information.

Consult the handbook to check when is the best time to do the exchange for your course of study and which courses you can validate in the exchange: Handbook students Laurea Triennale -   Handbook Master Students


You should take time to consider the best destination and  eventually acquire the language skills needed to feel comfortable in the hosting University.


Some tools to be informed:  

_The Interactive Map on the Politecnico website.  
_Partner Universities 2024 this list is in constantly updating and the information is only indicative.
_Visit the page Discover the partner Universities where you can find digital material from the partner Universities, like: Video, Fact sheets, brochures and the students reports from some students that have been in exchange in the last years.
_Join the promotional activites fixed every year: promotional activites to have more information about how, when and where you can go in exchange: International Mobility - General information.

The call to apply for an international mobility is published every year in mid-November and March.  

You will be able to indicate up to 6 partner universities in order of preference, it will be very important at this stage to visit the web pages of the partner universities that you wish to indicate in your application to obtain useful information such as:

¬_Know more about the academic offer of the partner institution

_Check if there are language requirements for exchange students

_Consult the academic calendar

The selection takes place on the basis of the merit criteria, declared in the specific call, and it’s carried out by commissions made up of professors promoting the exchange locations indicated in the call. READ carefully in the call the criteria for the selection carried out by

If you are selected, you will need to confirm your selection via the "International Mobility for Study" application within the terms indicated in the call.

  • Consult the website of the partner exchange school;
  • check the required documents of the partner institution and start preparing them. Usually this step happens in the semester before the exchange period.   

Prepare a new portfolio: Many partner schools make an internal selection of the candidates for the exchange and for this reason it is essential that the portfolio is completed and representative of your creative and technical, academic and personal skills.   It is not unusual to read  non acceptancy  letters due to poor portfolio. 

  • update it  with the support of the promoter  

The International Mobility Unit will contact each student following the venues' deadlines with the necessary directions to make the application to the partner venue. From that point, acceptance by the partner location is expected.  

Students selected for an international mobility will have to prepare the provisional Learning Agreement with the courses they want to take at the location, indicating the courses at the Politecnico to be validated, and the courses offered at the Partner Location, in order to have the approval of the Politecnico faculty sponsor.   

How and what to do if you are a Bachelor student: Handbook studenti Laurea Triennale
How and what to do if you are a Master of Science student: Handbook Master Students

Stay in touch with the International Mobility Unit, your promoter for any changes with respect to the length of your exchange period or if you have difficulty finding enough courses, etc.   

While abroad :  

  • Inform yourself about all the cultural, sport opportunities that the school offers but also the city. -  
  • Don't stay alone! In many partner schools you will find student associations either related to exchanges, sports or other cultural activities
  • Be open-minded, willing to learn new customs and ways of life   
  • -ollow a language course (even if it is not validated)   
  • Travel within the host country   
  • Keep your sense of humor   
  • Keep in touch with people back home, without nostalgy. 

It is also helpful to remember that each student is an ambassador for the School of Design of  Politecnico di Milano.  

Student exchange is based on reciprocity. We send our students to partner universities and, in turn, receive exchange students from those universities. Many universities organize exchange fairs or similar events where exchange students can present their home country and school. We strongly encourage students to take part in these events in order to promote Polytechnic in the exchange destination.  

At the end of the international mobility, students will be required to:   

1. Update the International Mobility Unit of your return and turn in all documents required by them.   

2. Schedule an interview with the Promoter to validate the credits completed during the exchange with the credits in your Polimi  study plan. Grades will be recorded by the promoter in the student's career considering the: Grade_conversion_table.   

Documents to show at the interview:   

  • Portfolio with work done at the partner school during the exchange.   
  • The Learning Agreement with the list of courses to be validated.   

 3. Respond to the anonymous online questionnaire

 4. Write the final report telling about your exchange experience following this template: end of exchange report  and send it to: askdesign@polimi.it .  

This report will be used to provide information for the students curious about mobility programs and will therefore be published on the School of Design website.




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