Board of studies

Each Programme Board (Consiglio di Corso di studio, or CCS) pools together professors in charge of courses or teaching modules delivered as part of the Programme, as well as a number of elected student representatives.
Programmes with the same or similar names have a shared Programme Board.
Each Programme Coard is chaired by a Coordinator, elected from among the professors who are members of the Board itself; the Coordinator is supported by one or more Secretaries. Each Programme Board appoints a Quality Referent (QA).
Each Programme Board appoints a Review Group that annually monitors and controls the progress of the activities of the Course and program actions for improvement; is also appointed a Commission that evaluates access to the second level of study.


School's Programme Boards

Design del prodotto industriale - Integrated Product Design

  • Programme Board Coordinator: Venanzio Arquilla -
  • Programme Board Secretary: Carlo Emilio Standoli
  • Quality Insurance Referent: Marina Parente
  • Group members of re-examination: Venanzio Arquilla, Marina Parente, Massimo Bianchini, Mario Bisson, Maria Rita Canina, Stefania Palmieri, Students' representatives
  • Commission Members Change Degree Programme/Transfers 1st level: Stefania Palmieri
  • Commission Members Admissions 2nd level: Venanzio Arquilla, Carlo Emilio Standoli, Marinella Ferrara, Mario Bisson, Marita Canina, Jim Postell, Laura Anselmi
  • Change Degree Programme/Transfers: Venanzio Arquilla
  • Tutoring Referents: Stefania Palmieri
  • International Mobility Referent: Carlo Emilio Standoli

Design della comunicazione

  • Programme Board Coordinator: Valeria Bucchetti - 
  • Programme Board Secretary: Francesco Ermanno Guida
  • Quality Insurance Referent: Dina Riccò
  • Group members of re-examination: Valeria Bucchetti, Dina Riccò, Daniela Calabi, Elena Caratti, Mariana Ciancia, Francesco Ermanno Guida, Students' representatives
  • Commission Members Change Degree Programme/Transfers 1st level: Valeria Bucchetti, Francesco Ermanno Guida.
  • Commission Members Admissions and Change Degree Programme/Transfers 2nd level: Elena Caratti, Daniela Calabi, Francesca Piredda, Dina Riccò, Francesco Ermanno Guida.
  • Interships Academic Tutor:  Francesco Guida
  • International Mobility Referent: Elena Caratti

Design della moda - Design for the Fashion System

  • Programme Board Coordinator: Valeria Iannilli - 
  • Programme Board Secretary: Alessandra Spagnoli
  • Quality Insurance Referent: Livia Tenuta
  • Group members of re-examination: Paola Bertola, Valeria Iannilli, Alessandra Spagnoli, Livia Tenuta, Students' representatives.
  • Commission Members Change Degree Programme/Transfers 1st level: Giovanni Conti, Valeria Iannilli, Alessandra Spagnoli
  • Commission Members Admissions 2nd level: Giovanni Conti, Valeria Iannilli, Alessandra Spagnoli
  • Interships Academic Tutor:  Susanna Testa
  • International Mobility Referent: Chiara Colombi
  • Fashion Labs Referent: Daria Casciani

Design degli interni - Interior and Spatial Design

  • Programme Board Coordinator: Francesco Scullica -
  • Programme Board Secretaries: Chiara Lecce and Elena Elgani
  • Quality Insurance Referent: Elena Elgani
  • Group members of re-examination: Francesco Scullica, Elena Elgani, Chiara Lecce, Alessandro Biamonti, Students' representatives.
  • Commission Members Change Degree Programme/Transfers 1st level: Agnese Rebaglio, Barbara Di Prete, Chiara Lecce
  • Commission Members Admissions 2nd level (italian students): Giulia Gerosa, Barbara Camocini, Laura Galluzzo
  • Commission Members Admissions 2nd leve LM stranieri
  •  (UE and extra-UE students): Anna Anzani, Giuseppe Amoruso, Chiara Lecce
  • Interships Academic Tutor: Alessandro Biamonti
  • International Mobility Referent: Chiara Lecce and Elena Elgani
  • Labs System Coordinator: Andrea Siniscalco

Design & Engineering

  • Programme Board Coordinator: Giorgio Colombo -
  • Programme Board Secretary: Marina Carulli
  • Quality Insurance Referent: Marina Carulli
  • Group members of re-examination: Giorgio Colombo, Marina Carulli, Silvia Ferraris, Monica Bordegoni, Barbara Del Curto, Antonino Garofalo, Giovanni Provesi, e Giacomo Maria Tomesani, Students' representatives.
  • Commission Members Admissions 2nd level: Barbara Del Curto, Silvia Ferraris e Marina Carulli
  • Interships Academic Tutor: Silvia Ferraris
  • International Mobility Referent: Silvia Ferraris

Product Service System Design

  • Programme Board Coordinator: Daniela Sangiorgi -
  • Programme Board Secretary: Beatrice Villari
  • Quality Insurance Referent: Beatrice Villari
  • Group members of re-examination: Daniela Sangiorgi (referent), Valentina Auricchio, Beatrice Villari e Marzia Mortati, rappresentanti degli studenti
  • Commission Members Admissions 2nd level: Valentina Auricchio (referente), Stefana Broadbent, Daniela Selloni e Daniela Sangiorgi
  • Interships Academic Tutors:  Stefana Broadbent (referent), Daniela Selloni, Peter Arthur Di Sabatino.
  • International Mobility Referent: Daniela Sangiorgi

Digital and Interaction Design

  • Programme Board Coordinator: Margherita Pillan - 
  • Programme Board Secretary: Davide Spallazzo
  • Quality Insurance Referent: Fiammetta Costa
  • Group members of re-examination: under definition
  • Commission Members Admissions 2nd level: Margherita Pillan, Fiammetta Costa, Davide Spallazzo, e Paolo Perego
  • Interships Academic Tutors:  Mariana Ciancia
  • International Mobility Referent: Venere Ferraro
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