With single courses you can:  
- fill educational gaps; 
- build a personal training pathway.

To fill educational gaps 

In order to obtain curricular integrations, you must apply for Admission to the Master's Degree Courses. The application can be directly submitted from the online services section where you have applied for admission. 
Level I courses aimed at filling educational gaps are assigned only through the submission of the Application Form for Admission to the Master’s Desgree Courses and assigned to eligible candidates for enrollment. 
For further information about the application procedures and requirements, please consult the Admissions Guide to the Master's Degree Courses. 

For personal training 

If you have not applied for admission to the Master's Degree Courses because you still need to obtain the English language certificate or because you have been placed in the ranking but are not included in the programmed quota, you can request to attend some of the courses for which you will apply in a future admission session.   
If you do not intend to enrol in a  Master's Degree Course, but wish to integrate your education, these single courses are intended for "personal training". 
Enrolment in single courses to fill education gaps or for personal training does not give you priority for future admission to Master's Degree Curses.  


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The School of Design does not offer single courses for Level I subjects, but only for Level II subjects.  
Therefore, in order to apply for admission to single courses at the School of Design, it is necessary to hold a Bachelor's Degree.  
There are no other requirements, but, if the application for single courses is aimed at future applications for admission to a Master's Degree, please check the preconditions for access to Level II (weighted average and English language certification). 


Enrolment in single courses can be done directly from the online services, for a maximum of 32 ECTS. After the enrolment, the student must wait for the evaluation times to run.  

 In the case of single courses aimed at filling educational gaps, assignment of courses deriving from the procedure of evaluation of the applications for admission to Master's Degree Courses, the timing for submitting applications, results and enrolment are the same as the above procedure

Calendar 2023/24: deadlines to be defined

For information about offer and the criteria for accepting applications, please consult the Guide to Single Courses.   
For information about university fees for single courses, please consult Poliorientami Fees.   


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