What are the N and V parameters

N and V are parameters indicating:
N = sum of credits (CFUs) taken
V = weighted average (grade/CFU) of the grades of the examinations taken
determined at the end of the 2nd year from the 'beginning of the career'.

They determine the possibility for students graduating from the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano to be admitted by right to the Master's Degree
Courses in continuity, i.e. upon presentation of the application and without assessment. 
Students admitted by right have priority in the allocation of available places.

The application for admission to the Laurea Magistrale must be submitted via online services, within the prescribed deadlines, without having to upload the
documentation required for other students. 

See: Guida_Ammissione_Corsi_di_Laurea_Magistrale.

The calculation criteria were decided by the Academic Senate: it is not possible for the School to recalculate the N and V parameters.

Continuing Degree Courses

Calculation of NV parameters by cases

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