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DDC INCONTRA - Tero Parviainen - 31.01.2024 – h 17.30 Aula B2.1.11

Tero Parviainen

What Is Generative Music For? Use cases for a new medium

The talk navigates from Brian Eno's early concepts to contemporary AI applications, probing how generative music relates to the essence and purpose of music in our lives, discussing how generative music fits into various settings, from background music in public spaces to personal, emotional connections with sound. The conversation shifts to the changing role of the artist in this AI-driven era, considering ethical questions around the use of large music datasets and the collective intelligence they represent. This presentation invites listeners to reflect on how generative music is reshaping our understanding and interaction with music, both as a solitary experience and a shared, interactive journey.


Tero Parviainen is a software developer in music, media, and the arts. Tero co-runs Counterpoint, a practice concentrated on audiovisual experience design and development. At Counterpoint, Tero has been involved in creating many audiovisual artistic works, some of them award-winning, as well as projects and platforms that employ generative music to advance wellness and mental health.

31.01.2024 – h 17.30

Aula B2.1.11

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