DDC INCONTRA Patricio Gonzalez Vivo - 28.02.2024 – h 17.30 – Aula B2.1.16

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo

Challenges and strategies of making Creative Tools with AI


We are at the beginning of (yet again) another technology revolution which promises to change every single aspect of human life. Current developments in AI are as impressive as concerning. In this session we will adventure on thinking about AI in the context of creativity and tool making.


Patricio González Vivo is an artist with an experimental tinkering-based practice inspired by the mechanics and aesthetics of mapping instruments, including star maps, compasses, telescopes, and satellites. His work is generative and interactive; he often creates symbolic elements to invite people into an experience of presence, play, and imagination. As an art therapist, he witnessed trauma healed through play with symbolic substitutes. His art uses symbols to open the possibility of what-if, to free us from the gravity of the factual and allow us to re-imagine. 


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28.02.2024 – h 17.30

Aula B2.1.16


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