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The Gen D project, which stands for Generation Designers, was born from the precise will of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to translate their openness towards the future, a core part of the company since its beginnings, in the field of furniture design.

A path destined to continue over time with the aim of creating cultural bridges between the generous creativity of the company and its link with Italy and the rest of the world.

The ten designers, selected by Federica Sala, come from different parts of the globe but are also, almost all, people straddling two worlds. Their flexibility was precisely the keystone in the selection: Korean ceramist Ahryun Lee is based in Germany; American designer Chris Wolston lives and works in Medellin in Colombia; Lebanese duo Sayar&Garibeh are currently residing in France; London-based Venetian designer Lucia Massari and Malacou Lefebvre, who abandoned a career in finance to open his creative carpentry Atelier Malak in Lyon. Young promises of new worlds appearing on the design scene, like Bradley Bowers who is based in his native New Orleans, or creatives balancing between south and north like Sara Ricciardi and Antonio Aricò, but also between east and west like Rio Kobayashi, whose work reflects his Austrian and Japanese duality.

At its core, Gen D is an artist residency project, or rather of designers, which has allowed these ten emerging talents to explore some of the main Italian artisanal crafts in the name of that energy, that explosion of colors and that ironic elegance that distinguishes Dolce&Gabbana.

Depending on their expertise and individual wishes, the designers were put in a position to experiment with Murano blown glass, Sicilian ceramics, metal carpentry, cabinet-making, the craftsmanship of terracotta, wicker, fine wrought iron, metal castings and the very rare technique of metal enameling.

These are projects born in total freedom that have led the designers to a creative exchange with the company’s DNA, the creative wealth of our country and the importance of manual expertise.

The results are exceptionally complex and elaborate pieces, which often introduce innovative production techniques and that have seen these young designers to experiment first-hand in the manual creation of the pieces. They embody how they have been able to interpret the key elements of the company with their individual styles. Cultural bridges that wink at how we live today, and that bring furnishings into our homes that could be considered jewels: triumphs of lemons and jeweled brooms, jubilations of souvenirs and cacti of light, sensory curtains and kaleidoscopic vases...

More is more and more to come.

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