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Design is Courage - Environmental Objects - Final Exhibition

Data di pubblicazione

Landscape and Interior Spatial Design 2
Final exam and Exhibition A.Y. 2023-2024

11th July - 22nd  July  2024
Building B2 Campus Durando
Ground Floor - Atrium
Prof. Michele De Lucchi, Francesca Balena Arista, Marco De Santi, Francesco Clerici;
with Giada Boromello, Nicolò Chierichetti, Alessia Soressi

Special thanks: Laboratorio Allestimenti and Laboratorio Immagine Dipartimento di Design

Like every year for 12/13 years now, the theme of the project for our students, from the Landscape and Interior Spatial Design course at Politecnico di Milano, is an abstract concept to be transferred to an environment.

There is no Courage without risk, without fear, without experimentation, without daring, without involvement, without madness.

The most important message of this course is that in order to truly design one must have the courage to abandon conventions and habits in order to attempt something new.