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Transition Dreams Call for project

Addressed to creators of all disciplines and horizons, the escap’ ART group, in association with the Giardi gallery, is proud to present during the Design Biennale’s “pop-up exhibitions” – temporary exhibitions which will be renewed throughout the Biennale – a selection of artworks in relation with this year’s theme :




Artists and designers will present artworks, which offer a perspective on a possible transition faced with the serious challenge of keeping our planet habitable. The proposition will account for the artist’s personal relation with the environment, whether it may be domestic, or even extending beyond our familiar world. The project’s main ambitions are to dream a way of metamorphosing, to reflect about what has been transformed, to suggest new means of adaptation. A project that encourages a notion of bifurcation, and questions to hopefully initiate individual practices or durable collective ones.  


How to participate ? 


Before May 14th, post one picture with the caption from the work you'd like to exhibit, on Instagram with the hashtag: #transitiondreams-escapart

or send your image with the caption to


A jury, composed of members of the escap’ART association with other professionals from the art and design world, will select a number of the works. The selection will be presented during the Biennale, from april 6 to july 30, 2022, in a reserved space at the Galerie Giardi (27, rue de la République, Saint-Étienne). 


Acceptance subject to the following conditions and constraints : a maximum format of A3, 40 x 40 x 30 cm volumes and a total weight of 3 kilos.

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