Bachelor’s Degree Transfers 

How to apply for changing the Bachelor’s Degree course  

Students already enrolled at Politecnico di Milano who wish to transfer from:   

  • a course in the School of Design to a new course in the School of Design;  

  • a course in the School of Architecture or Engineering to a course in the School of Design; 

must submit an application to evaluate their previous career by selecting "Three-year and single-cycle degrees: course changes and admission with previous career" on their Online Services page.  

There it will be possible to express up to 3 degree courses for which to request an evaluation of the previous career.    

A payment of 60.00 Euros will be required for each evaluation request. The fee paid is non-refundable.   


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Transfers are made by taking the Design Admission Test (TOLD) in the early session and/or in the standard session, or by competing in the Merit list, if the endorsements awarded are equal to or greater than 30 ECTS and the quota places are filled.    

The year of admission is decided by the Transfer Commission, regardless of the admission method (test or Merit list). 


Places are limited and established as showed above.  

The position in the Merit list is defined on the basis of the weighted average of the exams taken by 31 July.  

Students coming from other Universities can formalize their transfer through admission to the Merit list only if the CCS recognizes at least 30 ECTS from their previous university career.    

IMPORTANT: the minimum 30 ECTS required to compete for the places on the Merit list are those recognized by the School of Design, assigned through the evaluation of previous university careers.    

The Merit list will be published at the end of August (see notices on, in time to allow students on the list but not eligible for transfer because they exceed the number of quota places, to enrol for the August/September test. 

Verification of taken exams and the relative assignment of validations is carried out by the Transfer Commission and formalised by the Council of the course of destination study.    

However, it is possible to renounce to an assigned validation after having obtained the evaluation: the request must be presented within the deadline for the study plan presentation. 

For further information, please consult the Transition and Transfer Guide.  

Students enrolled in a Master’s Degree program at another University interested in transferring to a Master’s Degree program at the Politecnico di Milano must follow the same admission procedures provided for those who intend to enroll for the first time in a Master’s Degree program. 


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