Students from other universities interested in transferring to a Bachelor’s Degree program at the Politecnico di Milano must follow the instructions below.

In order to apply for a transfer, candidates must access the online services and click on "Laurea (equal to a Bachelor of Science) and five-year single-cycle programmes: passages of course and admission with previous career”. In this way, we will proceed with the request for assessment of candidates’ previous careers. This step is essential in order to evaluate candidates’ previous careers and recognize passed exams from previous university careers.    

Candidates can request the evaluation of their previous career for a maximum of 3 Degree Courses.  
A € 60.00 fee will be charged for each application. The fee paid is non-refundable.   

If the candidate has not taken any exam or does not intend to request the recognition of exams from his previous career, the transfer does not involve an assessment by the Board of Studies.    

However, the candidate must request a career evaluation from the online services, selecting "no evaluation required". This choice cannot be changed subsequently.   


The transfer can be made by taking the Design admission test or by competing for the quota places on the merit list.  
Students enrolled on a course in a School other than the School of Design must also be recognised at least 30 CFUs from their previous career and may only be selected on completion of the number of places contingent on the merit list.

For further information please consult the Guide to Transfers and Transfers.

Places are limited and established as showed above.  

The position in the Merit list is defined on the basis of the weighted average of the exams taken by 31 July.  

Students coming from other Universities can formalize their transfer through admission to the Merit list only if the CCS recognizes at least 30 ECTS from their previous university career.    

IMPORTANT: the minimum 30 ECTS required to compete for the places on the Merit list are those recognized by the School of Design, assigned through the evaluation of previous university careers.    

The Merit list will be published at the end of July (see notices on, to enrol for the standard test. 

Validations are awarded when the teaching programmes of the courses are similar and coherent, the Scientific Disciplinary Sectors the same or similar and the cfu equal to or greater than those of the examinations taken at the University/Academy of origin.

The year of admission is decided by the Passages/Transfers Commission regardless of the method of admission (test or merit list). 


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