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Lessons' timetables - First semester 2020.2021

At the following link you’ll find the timetable of the 1st semester and the schedule for the elective courses.


Where "Campus Bovisa" is indicated, the presence in the classroom is foreseen: the Teachers will indicate on Beep how to alternate the presence in the classroom of the different Groups, in order to maintain the safety rules related to the maximum number of students in the classroom.

Lessons will not take into account the academic quarter of an hour  and start sharp at 9.00 am if online or at 10.00 am if in presence. Afternoon classes will start at 2 pm, 3 pm or 4 pm depending on the morning schedule, always sharp.

Students who are unable to go to the classroom when requested due to Covid-19 reasons will be able to follow the online Lessons. 

The classrooms are visible from the synoptic timetable. 

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