Contest "Una Seduta per il Museo"

Considering the average age of Italian population is constantly increasing, the nonprofit association MuseoCity offers to design school’s students the possibility to see a light, easily movable seat realised and placed in the rooms of the museum Gallerie d’Italia – Piazza Scala in Milan.

The design competition “A Seat for Museums” intends to encourage all kind of people to visit museums, including those with slight motor impairment. Indeed these people are often prevented to visit museums because of long walking distances and the lack of comfortable and available seats for visitors.

The seats have to be ergonomic and the Candidates will be required to consider the production and environmental sustainability aspects, the recyclability of the disassembled basic components, and the compliance with UNI regulations concerning the safety, stability and resistance of the product.

The winner project will be produced in a very limited number by a renowned company in the Furniture sector.


• Deadline for registration: by 30 th May 2020.

• Deadline for projects: 15th October 2020, 12 o’clock.

• Selection of winner projects: by 10 th November 2020.

• Production of winner seat: by February 2021.

• Placement of winner seat: by March 2021 for the three-day event Milano MuseoCity.


Download file zip con i seguenti documenti

1 - A Seat for Museums Presentation
2 - MuseoCity Presentation
3 - Call for design competition - A Seat for Museums  
4 - Registration form call for design competition - A Seat for Museums
5 - Privacy policy-MuseoCity
6 - UNI regulations

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