Space Design for New Human Beings

The exhibition collects the projects of “Space4InspirAction”, the research laboratory led by Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro, the 1st and unique course of space architecture and design with the partnership of the European Space Agency (ESA) at the School of Design, MSc Integrated Product Design, Politecnico di Milano.

The projects concern two design topics according to the strategic programs for interplanetary human exploration that underline the strategic role of design for sustainability and inclusion: design of structures and tools to facilitate production, growth and transformation of “microalgae”, the food of the future, on the surface of the Moon to obtain sustainable and protein-rich food; design of new prosthetic objects for both astronauts and “parastronauts” to boost performances onboard the International Space Station, considering prostheses as "extensions" of motor skills, which, in microgravity conditions, undergo strong alterations compromising stability and movement.

Both projects we have developed and now present in the exhibition are supported during the design process by ESA, for the specific and scientific knowledge in space design; TOLO Green, a private company specialized in the production of spirulina algae (technical partner of Padiglione Italia Expo 2020 Dubai) that provided us with technological knowledge; Hackability, a non-profit lab of technological and social inclusion research that uses co-design methodologies to bring together the world of making and design with the needs of people with disabilities.Focus magazine follows and documents the development of the projects.

The exhibition will be set up from 7th to 11th June 2022 in the spaces of the Brodolini Foundation at the Milano Luiss Hub, Via Massimo D'Azeglio, 3, 20154 Milano.

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