Safety Weeks (2021-22): Safety training of Departement’s Design Labs Sistem.

During the Safety Weeks the students will undergo the laboratories trainings for the “Design Lab System” of the Department of Design, Campus Bovisa Candiani, building B2. The trainings are mandatory for first-year students of the bachelor degrees of the School of Design and for all the students who want to use the laboratories. The training consists of two mandatory steps:

  1. To pass the Online Course on Safety in the Department’s of Design Laboratories.
  2. To undergo the training at the Laboratories: booking by APP, viewing of video content and verification in presence

FIRST YEAR STUDENTS, Moda, Interni and Prodotto courses are not required to book training by APP. There is a schedule for them that will be communicated in the classroom during the first Lab class.

1) The Online Course on Safety in the Department of Design Laboratories is required to access to Moda and Allestimenti/Prototipi Lab trainings. No training is provided to Communication Design students and only passing the on-line test is required. It is available by accessing the student’s personal page on the site www.polimi.it:

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• Safety Courses
• Online Course on Safety in the Department’s of Design Laboratories

2)Training Shifts Moda Allestimenti/Prototipi Labs (1/2-hour machine testing ITA/ENG):

• Where: registration through App Affluences (open from the first of October).
• What you need: to have passed the Online Course and to have seen the illustrative video including covid19 directions on youtube and/or at the link that will be sent by email through confirmation of booking via app.
• How: to show up with closed shoes, a passport photo and an identity document.

At the end of the training will be delivered an ID card. Students of Communication Design, interested in access to Lab Immagine, to request the card should send an email to the address below and pick it up at the lab image after passing the online course. For questions or doubts write to accessolabb-design@polimi.it

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