The School of Design at Ars Electronica-Linz

Exhibition with Agora Digitalis on-site / online event:

Ars Electronica has been the world reference point for digital art for years. At the invitation of Linz University of Arts and Design, the School of Design is present at the exhibition in the section "The Wild State", from 9th to 13th September.

The following works are exhibited:

Feltre project by Xiaoman Bai, Carlo Leone Cattani, Marco Eugeni, Nicolò Masini, Eleonora Volpato. Project developed in the Living Streets Lab, directed by Davide Fassi and Anna Meroni, with Martina Mazzarello, Francesco Vergani

Untitled by Xiaoman Bai, Gabriele Ragusa, Zi Yin Zhou. Project developed in the Arts and Languages of the Present course, held by Luca Guerrini with Antonio Aiello. ausstellungen.ufg.at/wildstate/the-wild-state-networked/

Speakers in the Agora Digitalis on-site / online event:

Giulio Interlandi presenting his master's thesis "Designing Interaction for Enactive Storytelling Experiences", supervisor Margherita Pillan.

Margherita Pillan and Luca Guerrini contribute in the debate “The post-pandemic city. A provisional profile”. ausstellungen.ufg.at/wildstate/agora-digitalis/

Luca Guerrini curated the participation of the School in the exhibition.

A real prototype of the work Untitled was built and exhibited, thanks to the joint contribution of the Department of Design of Politecnico di Milano and the University of Arts and Design of Linz.

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