The Open Day takes place in Milan, once a year, on a date established from time to time by the University. All the Politecnico's active degree courses are presented on this day.

Can I follow the presentations of the degree courses during the Open Day?

Yes, the degree courses are presented in dedicated classrooms, several times during the day, to allow students to participate in more than one presentation.

During the Open Day can I speak with the teachers and students of the course that interests me?

Sure! During the Open Day each course has available a booth manned by teachers, researchers, students can explain their educational content, the specificity of insegnanenti and laboratories, career opportunities, etc.

Guidance – Entrance test

There are two sessions, an early one and a regular one, the tests begin in March, all information on dates and registration procedures are published on the Poliorientami website -

To prepare for the Design entrance test, you should first of all use the textbooks used in high school. The questions take into account the national syllabus for Italian secondary schools. You can also prepare using the textbooks used in scientific high schools for the questions on Geometry, and textbooks used in art high schools for the questions on History of Art and Design, Drawing and Representation. You can also use the Online Demo to train for the Design test. Finally, we have published several videos of meetings on the Design test that took place in recent months at the Milan Bovisa Campus, on the PoliOrientaMi website –



Attendance is mandatory for all workshops and for many single-topic courses. If you know that you will be unable to attend a course “full time”, you may spread out your study programme over more years, according to your own requirements and the time you can dedicate to your studies, submitting a request (through presentation of an obligatory annual Study Plan) to attend courses worth a variable number of academic credits (ECTS), no lower than 30 and no higher than 80; the amount of tuition fees and university contributions payable will vary in proportion to the number of credits you request.


Transfers to the Politecnico and recognition of previous studies

You may contact the Design student career/orientation/internships office:



Usually from May to late August.


Individual courses

To enroll to the single courses you must have a degree.


Access to Lauree Magistrali

The application form is presented in July.


Knowledge of English is a mandatory pre-requisite for access to all Laurea Magistrale programs (equivalent to a Master of Science). If you do not have the certificate, with the required scores and within the required time, you cannot register.


Even those admitted by law, having achieved the N and V parameters, must submit the online application form. There is no need to upload any documentation (besides handing in the language proficiency certification).

At the end of the second year of enrolment in a Politecnico di Milano study programme, the Information System calculates the N and V parameters for each student, providing the number of ECTS acquired (N) and the weighted average (V). These parameters are used by the Schools to identify values above which a student is admitted to a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) without the need for evaluation. The minimum necessary parameters N and V are: N 114 and V 27 for all the MSc programs of the School of Design except Product Service System Design and Digital Interaction Design which adopt parameters N 114 and V 28.

Candidates can see their parameters N and V in the Online Services.

For those coming from the Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering, who will apply for admission to Design & Engineering, it will be considered as parameters N 105 and V 25.

Those in possession of these parameters must not present documentation for evaluation purposes.

Those enrolled in the MEDES project must still apply for admission and meet the language and graduation score admission requirements.


Students who have not graduated from a design school should submit an abstract of their thesis instead of a design portfolio. This document must be uploaded along with the other documents required for evaluation.


Admission to a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) that does not provide continuity with the first-level qualification may result in the assignment of curricular supplements. To enrol in the Laurea Magistrale, the applicant needs to complete this supplementary training by enrolling in the specified individual courses.


On submitting their application, applicants must take care to indicate any Specialising Master qualifications in their CV. At the time of publishing the results of the applications for admission to a Laurea Magistrale, students will be notified of any course validations approved by the Judging Panel.


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