Study plan

The Study Plan should be submitted at the start of each academic year in the time period established by the School according to the year of enrolment. Check the online calendar:

ou can independently present a study plan beyond the deadline.

A few days after the closing of the study plan submission period, you can submit an application for the generation of the Study Plan by selecting the " Study Plan - Presentation" function in the "Career" section of the Online Services (Online Services > Services > Career > Study Plan - Presentation).

We recommend that you see to it within the first week of class.

The applications will be evaluated on Wednesday of each week and an email will be sent in response to the institutional mail address.

You will be charged a € 100.00 default payment at the time of paying the second instalment.

No changes are allowed. The Study Plan remains valid for the year.

Usually the Study Plan is approved mid first semester. If you have entered the recommended Plan, it will be validated automatically.

Yes, if you are registered in a three-year Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science). Once you have passed the exam, this will automatically be registered as a course of the previous academic year. If you pass the exam, it will not be included in the calculation of the ECTS to be paid for in the second instalment.

No, if you are enrolled in a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science), as you are considered as having already sat it.


The extra courses are additional teachings that you can enter in your Study Plan.

When preparing your Study Plan, you will be allowed to enter “extra” courses, which may also be chosen from other study programmes, for up to a total of 30 ECTS.

These courses do not count towards the total calculation of credits useful for the degree; passing them is optional and, therefore, they do not contribute to your average score.

Their inclusion in the Study Plan is valid for the purpose of calculating the university contributions payable.

This means entering in the study plan any exams actually already passed, but not yet recorded. The self-declaration of the exams is to be carried out ONLY if you have actually passed the exams and you are sure of having passed them.

The session is probably not open because it is not the right time for entering Study Plans. Check by consulting the academic calendar:

You can consult the study prospectus online [], accessible from the site of the School of Design or at this link [] and carefully read the teaching programs, selecting sections from the menu and clicking on the icon of every single teaching module.


OFA (Additional Educational Obligations)

You may make up for English OFAs during the academic year by sitting the remedial English OFA test (TENG) and earning a score of at least 24, or by presenting an English language proficiency certificate according to the parameters indicated on the Politecnico website -

Remedial exam sessions are held every month. The Registrar’s Office will send an email to your university email account with information on registering for these sessions through the Online Services > Test Registration, Check Results, Enrolment, Registration for OFA and TENG Sessions.



Attendance, exam precedence, mandatory exams

For Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) courses:

Students who at the time of the presentation of the third year Study Plan have not yet taken all the first year courses, in the September exam session, will not be able to include the final Synthesis Studio and the PEL in the plan.


All 1st year workshops are preparatory to 2nd year ones.

All 2nd year laboratories are preparatory to the Final Synthesis Studio and to the Final Exam: for the 2nd year Interior Design Degree Course, in addition to the Metaproject and Interior Design Studios, of 12 ECTS (CFU in Italian), it is binding on the insertion of Final Synthesis Studio the 6 ECTS Space digital modeling studio. The student who has not acquired the credits related to one or more Studios of the 2nd year, will not be able to enter the Final Synthesis Studio and the credits related to the Final Exam in their Study Plan.


For Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science):

All 1st year studios are preparatory to the Final Synthesis Studio. For the Digital and Interaction Design Master's Degree Course only the 2nd Semester Digital Design Studio is preparatory to the Synthesis Studio together - starting from the 2019/20 academic year - with the UX Design and Hardware & Software courses. The student who has not acquired the credits related to one or more studios of the 1st year, will not be able to enter the Final Synthesis Studio and the credits related to the Final Exam in their Study Plan.

No, you must have passed all the exams of the first year courses.




By logging in with your credentials to the Online Services and clicking on “Exams”. Remember to register by the deadline. After registration has closed, you can no longer register.


Usually the reasons are:
- it is suspended because you have outstanding tuition fees
- the professor has not completed the report
- you had not registered for the exam


The Academic Calendar [] shows the start and end dates of the exam sessions.

The university credits (ECTS or CFU in Italian) corresponding to each training activity are acquired with the achievement of a positive evaluation and relative mark.

Profit verification methods are indicated in the official teaching program made known by the Professor at the beginning of the Course.


Elective courses

When filling out the study plan will need to enter five courses in order of preference. After the allocations, which are based on a merit ranking, you will know which course among those optioned, you can follow. The merit ranking is drawn up considering the average and the number of credits passed (weighted average) on 31 July of each year.



Placement and internships

In Italy as outside it. In firms, studios, agencies, companies, associations, laboratories come all’estero presso studi, agenzie, aziende, associazioni, laboratori es, research centers, universities (Polimi included, but only in the case of curricular compulsory internships). Also during exchange periods (Erasmus, extraEU exchanges).


The student sends an email to the internship office ( with the following information:

• Student data (name and surname, ID number and degree course)
• Company data (name, VAT number)
• Company contact data (first and last name, e-mail address)
• Description of the activity proposed
• Educational assignments


Asking via email to, indicating company name and VAT number.


Yes, Politecnico di Milano provides you with an insurance covering you in terms of accidents and civil liability, in days, premises and hours declared within the document itself; for this reason it is necessary that the internship is activated by delivering to the Internship Office the contract signed by the parties before the beginning of the internship.


The Company will be informed by the Career Service upon request of the agreement of the need to pay € 32.00 as a reimbursement of stamp duty (unless it is a foreign body, public body or ONLUS)


Curricular compulsory internships last 250 hours (300 for PSSD students who want to validate also the workshop).
If you want to extend the duration of the internship beyond 250 hours, you must activate a new "non compulsory" internship. The maximum duration, between compulsory and non compulsory internship is 12 months.


Yes, only for serious and documentable reasons and only after notice to the Internship Office. In the case of compulsory internship, if no minimum hour amount has been reached, the hours spent are not recoverable and a new internship of at least 250 hours is required.


No. The internship must be done in a working environment. You must have your own workstation, with Company computer and a supervisor available for help.


Contact and inform the Internship Office via email on any changes to the Internship Document.


No. In the absence of an Agreement and an Internship Document, there is no legal internship or insurance coverage.


The 3rd year workshop can be replaced by non curricular training activities such as internships with the support of the Internship Office. The application for replacement must be submitted before the start of the activity and before the start of the semester in which the course for which validation is requested is placed. The documentation to be submitted must be requested via email to the Internship Office.


Write to the Internship Office for the proper verifications.


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