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The School of Design of Politecnico di Milano has Erasmus agreements with more that More 150 universities throughout Europe and 75 Universities outside the European Union. To check if your University has an agreement with our School, you should contact the ERASMUS/International Office at your home university. They will be able to confirm if they have an agreement with The School of Design of Politecnico di Milano and which subject areas it covers.

For more details about the application and nomination process (Erasmus and Extra-UE) please check here:

Information about courses


Courses Selection

Exchange students registered in the School of Design must take the majority of the courses within this School. However, it is possible for exchange students to take 10 or 12 ECTS maximum from another School, just consider these courses will be subject to approval by the relevant School. 

Exchange students should identify their main program and level at the application stage, and will need to attend at least one course from that program. If required we may need to correct the application accordingly with the student’s study field and level.

Exchange students that have been accepted, will receive a list of courses among which they can express their preferences; the courses offered to each student will be coherent with their field and level of studies. Students will receive a provisional approval for the classes selected prior to their arrival; however, the courses will NOT be confirmed until we take account of final changes or adjustments, as well as timetable clashes.

Due to possible timetable clashes, changes in scheduling or high demand for popular subjects, it is not possible to guarantee access to specific courses and Exchange students are encouraged to identify some reserves that can be substituted as necessar

Right after their arrival, students will receive the confirmation of the courses and will be able start the semester with a study plan completely defined.


Courses Open to Exchange Students

Exchange students at bachelor level can select and mix courses from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of Bachelor, considering that: 

1st year courses are usually at an introductory level and may not require much previous knowledge or study in the subject. 2nd and 3rd year courses will normally require some previous study in the subject. 

Most of our courses at Bachelor level are held in Italian language but if needed exchange students will be registered in the courses that offer and academic support in English.

Exchange students at Master level can select and mix courses from the 1st and 2nd year of Master. 

After the acceptance, the School will contact each exchange student with the available courses list, students will need to select the courses among the ones indicated and submit them to have the School’s approval. 


Restricted Courses

Master Level courses will be available only to Master Level students and to Bachelor level students only if they have already attended at least 3 years of University. Priority in the Master courses will be given to Master Level students.



A full workload at Politecnico di Milano is 30 credits (ECTS) per semester. This normally equates to 3 or 4 courses per semester. Exchange students can select from 6 credits up to 30-36 credits per semester. 


School Guides

Academic Orientation Exchange students 2019-20
Academic Orientation MSc students 2019-20