The School of Design at the Gwangju Design Biennale, Korea



“FUTURES” September 8 – October 23. 2017

This year, the School of Design has been invited to exhibit at the Gwangju Design Biennale (Korea). An original project of a group of students of the Master of Product Service System Design is now showcased in the area dedicated to “Smart City – House – Home” providing an interpretation of the given design brief and topic of the Biennale: “FUTURES – Design the Future”.

The main idea of the project is the Open City: a place designed to be open to the world and not afraid of change. A place thought to be inclusive (of people, of cultures, of information, of ideas), collaborative (for citizens, governments and the whole population) and adaptive (never stuck - always listening, resilient and aware, technologically skilled). A city built by its inhabitants, in which new generations of products and services will enable openness in all fields of life.

The title of the project, thus, is “A City Open by Design”. The whole project-scenario shows a normal daily routine in 2030 lived by a young woman, in which two systemic projects (about: smart home & smart city) are explained in detail. Additional five supporting services are envisioned, which are the result of a deep research and analysis phase conducted around different topics: ‘Work and Economy - Education and Integration - Energy and Resources - Mobility and Commuting - Entertainment and Free Time - Fashion and Sustainability - Policy and collaboration’.

The scenario aims at emphasizing Italian values like: conviviality and friendship, sensitivity to beauty and quality, pleasure of living, respect for family’s bonds, memory of traditions, trust and welcoming disposition as well as attitude towards time, age and sustainability. These values are re-interpreted in a contemporary perspective and in the light of the socio-economic and technological transformations that we envision for 2030. This includes a special attention paid to the cultural heritage of the different Regions of Italy to make it part of an evolving culture, open to hybridisation and contamination.

At the opening of the Biennale, on September 7-9, the project has been presented by a delegation of the School of Design, comprising of Prof. Anna Meroni, Leandro Sgro (project leader) and Agustìn Pereyra (project participant).


The project is the result of the valuable work of Leandro Sgro (project leader), Agustìn Pereyra, Alejandra Abal, Cristina Pham, Denise Lucente, Ferdinando Esposito, Martina Rando, MinJung Son. Project manager: Carolina Cruz Marin.