Board of studies

Each Programme Board (Consiglio di Corso di studio, or CCS) pools together professors in charge of courses or teaching modules delivered as part of the Programme, as well as a number of elected student representatives. Programmes with the same or similar names have a shared Programme Board.

Each Programme Board is chaired by a Coordinator, elected from among the faculty members of the Board.

School's Programme Boards

Design del prodotto industriale - Design del prodotto per l'innovazione

Coordinator: prof. Francesco Zurlo -

Design della comunicazione

Coordinator: prof. Paolo Ciuccarelli -

Design della moda - Design per il sistema moda

Coordinator: prof.ssa Alba Cappellieri -

Design degli interni - Interior design

Coordinator: prof.ssa Giovanna Piccinno -

Design & Engineering

Coordinator: prof. Matteo Ingaramo -

Product service system design

Coordinator: prof.ssa Anna Meroni -