Educational offer of your choice

"Final Synthesis Laboratory" Options
During the 3rd year of Degree and 2nd in Master's Degree, the student may express his preference among the Final Synthesis Laboratory options.

Every year the School sets some days during which some presentations - in support to the extended program published online - will be held.

Avviso presentazioni LSF 2019-20

• Presentations LSF fist level - Design del Prodotto

• Presentations LSF second level - PSSD
• Presentations LSF second level - Interior and Spatial Design
• Presentations LSF second level - Integrated Product Design

"Elective courses" Options 


The student must include in his / her study plan the cfu relative to "Educational activities chosen by the student"

The "elective courses" are offered during the 3rd year for the Bachelor degree and / or during the 2nd year for the Master's Degree.

The School sets some days during which presentations are held by the Student Representatives, and provide information material - brochures -, both to support students in their choices.

Available places for elective courses' change request

Deepening of Elective course 2019/20 contents

• Offer EC BSc Design degli interni
• Offer EC BSc Design del prodotto industriale
• Offer EC BSc Design della comunicazione
• Offer EC BSc Design della moda

• Offer EC MSc Design & Engineering
• Offer EC MSc Design della comunicazione
• Offer EC MSc Design for the Fashion  System
• Offer EC MSc Digital and Interaction Design
• Offer EC MSc Integrated Product Design
• Offer EC MSc Interior and Spatial Design
• Offer EC MSc Product Service System Design


Workshop Options

Some Degree Courses and Master's Degrees offer the choice of curricular workshops in collaboration with the world of work.

Interior design - 3rd year interdisciplinary call workshop (co-tutoring internship with the world of work)

Industrial product design - 3rd year interdisciplinary call workshop (co-tutoring trainee with the world of work)

Integrated Product Design - 2nd year call workshop in collaboration with the world of work

Digital Interaction Design - call professional workshop

Product Service System Design - call professional workshop


Up to date notices regarding the opening of calls are published on this page.


Call ay 2019/20

It is now open The call to take part in the Professional Workshop reserved to PSSD and DID students: PSSD students not answering or not selected for this call will fulfil the “Professional workshop” requirement through an Internship activity

DID students not answering or not selected for this call will have to attend the professional workshop run with “Lab Med”, a spin-off company of Banca Mediolanum, taking place from February, 12th to February 19th 2020 .



Passion in action

"Passion in action" is the catalog of educational activities open to everyone that the Polytechnic offers its students, to encourage them to develop transversal skills, soft and social skills, and to encourage / facilitate a personalized enrichment of their personal baggage, cultural and professional. For those who wish to take this opportunity, the choice is among different activities, according to their interests and personal attitudes. Students participating to "Passion in action" can enroll in all the activities in the catalog, without any restriction of thematic proximity to the study path in which they are enrolled (except for any prerequisites demanded by the individual initiatives ). The recognition of the acquired skills takes place through a mention on the Diploma Supplement.