International mobility

Students of the School of Design can opt to make an international mobility on a wide range of partner universities.

More than 150 European universities and 75 Outside the European Union Universities have exchange agreements with our School.


The students selected for an exchange programme have the opportunity to enrich their academic experience by spending a period at a partner university, thereby acquiring credits that will be recognized by Politecnico di Milano.


Several opportunities are available:

• a period of study as part of Erasmus mobility, or and international mobility outside the European Union

  Double Degree Program

• a work placement in companies or university labs 

• a period abroad to prepare a thesis 

Study mobility

The International Mobility for study allows students, who are enrolled in Politecnico di Milano and have completed their first year, to do an exchange in a university with which Politecnico di Milano has an agreement, guaranteeing recognition of all positive results obtained.

Students interested in participating in the exchange programme need to:


KNOW THE PARTNERS SCHOOLS available in each program:

Join the promotional activities about the International Mobility that will take place from 25th November to 6th December 2019: EXCHANGE YOUR MIND

To know more about the different option to do an exchange:

WHY to do the exchange?
HOW to do the exchange?

Get to know all the partner Schools that are available to do an exchange in Design:
List Partner Schools

Professors present the Partner Universities: Calendar

Map of Partner Universities

Read the reports from the Design students that have been in exchange in the last years (you can find the reports at the end in this page: “Reports Outgoing Students”

CONSULT THE INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY RULES defined by the School of Design (available only in Italian): Guida alla mobilità internazionale

Check when you go in exchange considering your year of studies:

Answer the call for the international mobility that will be open from December 43rd 2019.
Check our presentation with all the details about how to apply:

HOW to do the exchange?
Attend the Exchange Office presentation with all the details about how to answer the call:

11th December at 12.15 Aula Castiglioni (held in Italian)
18th December at 12.15 Aula Castiglioni (held in English)


To have more information about the partner Schools requirements, how to answer the call, required documents:
Exchange Bovisa
Address: via Lambruschini 15, 20158 Milano
Hours: Mon-Thu 10.00am-12.30pm
phone +39 02 2399 4488
To have more information about the Partner Schools:
Get in contact with the referent Professor of each partner school: List of Partner Schools UE and Extra UE
Check the reports from the students that have been in exchange in the last years.
Consult the websites of the partner schools to have update information
To have more information about the exchange and the Double Degree programs:
Relé Office