Workshop - The battle of the bands at Italianism



We are looking for 5 students of the 3rd year of the Bachelor and 1ST and 2ND year of the Master courses in Communication Design to form the "Band" that will represent the Politecnico di Milano and participate in the next "Battle of the bands" in Naples (10th and 11th May 2018).

Participating bands will be given a communication brief that enhances elements related to the theme of music. In the 12 hours, each band / team can develop it and produce a communication project that will be evaluated by a special commission and which will nominate the winner or winners.

Each band will be composed of 5 students in progress, each with its own role (art director, digital, copy, photographer, planner, depending on the training skills and quality / characteristics of the participants). Each band will develop its image and name as well.

This representation, in line with the theme of Italianism 2018 (music and pop), will be one of the evaluation elements of the competition (25% of the final score).

Participants in "The Battle of the Bands” will then be able to participate on May 11th at the master class conducted by Jonathan Barnbrook – the English graphic designer defined as a master of international postmodernism –, on the theme of "Graphics and Music".

If you want to participate send your application by April 20th, 2018, filling out the online form and uploading a synthetic portfolio and a letter of motivation.

The 5 selected as representatives of the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano will benefit from a contribution from the School for the trip and will be able to confiscate 4 extra-curricular credits (Design Explorer).


The Workshop and the “Battle of the Bands” are collateral events of Italianism.

Italianism is an international event that since 2015 aims to analyze, make known and promote the new Italian visual culture. The 2018 edition will take place at the Reggia di Portici, on the outskirts of Naples, on May 10th and 11th and will focus on "1968-2018: 50 years of Italian music, between design, visual and more".

Among the events of Italianism is "The battle of the Bands", a creative competition in which teams from various institutes and design universities will compete in creativity for a whole day (10th May, from 10.00 to 22.00) to decree a winner, who will then be awarded the following day.

More information on Italianism on and in the attached pdf and on the workshop: ;