Webinar 'I martedì al Museo del Gioiello’ / 'Jewellery and Future’, Olga Noronha



Tuesday, May the 5th, from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm CET

May the 5th at 5.00 pm CET will continue the cycle of lectures of the webinar ‘I martedì al Museo del Gioiello’ with Olga Noronha, curator of Future Room, who will present her selection for the museum. To join the event you will simply need to register to the Zoom link (which will be shared on the Facebook page of the museum or join the livestream on the official Museum’s website (
The lecture will be held in English.
The webinar is open to all students of the School of Design and is part of Design Explorer: each meeting is awarded 4 points (over 100 points necessary to obtain 3 credits). To prove participation and to obtain the validation it will be necessary to collect the screenshots of each meeting (for more information: