Design Anything, Make Anywhere, Care Anyone (deadline: 25.06.2018)

We invite you to participate in FABCARE. Design Anything, Make Anywhere, Care Anyone, an initiative promoted by Polifactory within the Creative Europe project Distributed Design Market Platform (DDMP).


DDMP - is a new European digital platform created to support l the international promotion of products developed by independent designers, makers, and innovators and then realized in Fab Labs such as clothing and accessories for fashion, elements and furniture components, IoT devices for the 'agrifood, ...


FABCARE - through its Open Call for Ideas (see attached PDF) - invites design students to collaborate in groups (minimum 3 people) with other designers, engineers, architects, makers, artists, to present innovative ideas of open source products for the healthcare sector that can be materialized using technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and microcontrollers such as Arduino.


FABCARE is looking for innovative ideas related to analogical and/or digital products, simple to realize with low costs, daily use solutions with high functionality and effectiveness, even personalized or customizable, such as:

- aids, tools, tools and small equipment that allow disabled or sick people to carry out actions that they could not do, which they would do with extreme difficulty or not independently;

- orthoses, elements and simple apparatus that improve the functionality of a part or more parts of the body;

- devices or small medical devices that help people to prevent or treat certain diseases or disorders.


The deadline for submitting proposals is 25th June 2018. Participating is very simple and requires little documentation.

All information on how to participate in FABCARE are in the PDF attached to this email or the following link to FABCARE Project


A panel of experts will select 4 projects that will be prototyped thanks to the support of Polifactory, promoted on the Distributed Design Market Platform ( and presented at the next European Maker Faire Rome (12th-14th October 2018).


Throughout the open call period, a helpdesk will be active to support and provide information to anyone who wants to present an idea.
+39 02 2399 7134