Design x Designer 2020

DESIGN x DESIGNERS _ Salone & FuoriSalone 2020 


For the next Salone del Mobile, the School of Design, as for tprevious editiona, has decided to promote a series of events in the Bovisa Campus of the POLITECNICO DI MILANO, natural location for our Design System in the Fuori Salone programme.

In particular, the whole Building 2 of the campus will once again host a major exhibition of educational projects from the SCHOOL OF DESIGN, THE DESIGN DEPARTMENT  and  from the POLI.DESIGN.

The exhibition will be a showcase highlighting  the many areas of  design: from industrial products to fashion, interior design and furnishing communication, services and brand, transportation and engineering.

This major exhibition will host a selection of projects (tables, models or prototypes, movies, books, dissertations, etc.) from educational courses; completed projects both  individually or in groups of students.


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Participation is open to all students independently or  supported by teachers. We encourage teachers to work with a careful pre-selection and target the best projects to participate in the selection. We accept all works from courses during the closing semester, the courses held in previous years or final projects (thesis projects).


To take  part in the selection it is necessary to present a table printed in A2 format which, in a summarized way, will include the data of students, teachers and reference of the course in which you developed the project. It is important to note that this board will not be displayed but will have the goal of communicating the quality of the project and highlight the characteristics of the material that could potentially be exposed. Are warmly expected: miniature tables, latest photos of the model / prototypes, some frames of movies, photo books, etc. If the  video project  is of particular importance it is advisable to upload it with the movie (in video format mp4) along with a PDF table A2



By Monday 6th March 2020, all PDF Table A2 created using the supplied format, must be uploaded in the opened BEEP course named “DESIGNxDESIGNER2018″ (you must subscribe to the course) in a “homework folder” named “CONSEGNA TAVOLE DESIGNXDESIGNERS 2018”

The PDF file must be named in this way:

name_surname_personalcode.pdf (es. Giuseppe_Garibaldi_10008899.pdf)

The MP4 file, if necessary, must be named in this way:

name_surname_personalcode_video1.pdf (es. Giuseppe_Garibaldi_10008899_video1.mp4)

Download format A2: format-A2-+-esempi_-DxD

By 16th March 2020 students and teachers will be informed of the outcome of the selected projects,

On the 14th of April 2020 (from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm)  all the material to be exhibited as agreed with the organizers of the exhibition will have to be delivered.

The exhibition will run from April 15th 2020 to April 30th 2020 and each project will be exposed with a caption with the name of  students and teacher of the course in which it was conceived.


The jury will be composed of professors of different areas of Design  (appointed by the Dean of the School) and of the organizers of the exhibition. Finally note that this is not a competition but an exhibition selection, thus the selection criteria will be based also on the quality of the works to be exhibited, respecting the heterogeneity and multi-disciplinary approach that characterize the Design education at the Politecnico di Milano.